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The Art Nebula Project - Season 2 promotional image


A cloud of dust and gas in space, illuminated by one or more stars. Nebulae represent the raw material the stars are made of.


An aura of creativity and passion in the mind, illuminated by one or more pieces of art. The art nebulae represent the raw material the artist is made of.

The ART NEBULA Project - Season 2 will return in a completely new format!!

Artists will be put through 3 rounds of "art auditions" to fight for their place on the live shows.


"The Big Bang" - Judges Auditions, Round 1:
Painting for their place in the live shows, each artist will have a chance to show off their skills in front of a panel of three judges in a 5 minute "BIG BANG" challenge.  Once all applicants have gone through round 1, the judges will choose 24 artists to move on to Round 2!

"Defying Gravity" - Judges Auditions, Round 2:
24 hopeful artists go head to head in 6 randomly selected groups of 4 where they compete in a 15 minute challenge. 1 artist from each group will be sent home, leaving just 18 moving one step closer to a spot on the live shows! 

"The Black Hole" - Judges Auditions, Round 3: 
In this final cut throat round, the 18 remaining artists paint for their spot in the top 12 to be moving on to the live shows! In this 35 min challenge, the artists travel deep into the darkness of space, so, to keep them from getting homesick, they are allowed one item from home to aid them in their challenge. But watch out for the black hole! It can be a dangerous thing if you get too close.



Each live art challenge (broadcast live on the internet) will be 60 mins long, with a break in the middle for a round of "midway-games".  These are simple games where the artists will have a chance to win bonus art materials for their challenge, or cool prizes and advantages over the others in their current and future challenges.


In the first 3 live art challenges, the panel of judges (and surprise guest judges) will decide which 2 artists will be sent home after each challenge.  Yes, that's right, for the first three rounds, 2 artists from each challenge are being sent home.


This leaves just 6 artists to move into the Finals. 

In the final 5 art challenges, the voting is handed over to the viewers to decide! The judges are now just there to offer critique and guidance, and to help push the artists to really step up their game and get out side their comfort zones.


Each night, the artist with the least amount of viewer votes will be leaving the competition.

In the final art challenge, the top 2 artists will battle it out to become the winner of the Art Nebula Project 2!

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