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Frequently Asked Questions

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I'll respond to your email, and if it's a common question, I might add it to this page!

Why are your prices higher than other sites?

All my Print on Demand product prices include Shipping & Sales Tax as well as: The Blank Item, Production/Printing Fees, Packaging, and Merchant FeesThen, I add my profit margin.

Blank product cost, and shipping costs are determined by Printful, my Print on Demand provider. They offer a premium service with quality products, which comes at a higher price tag than other, cheaper, services.


Read: 6 Reasons I Choose Printful As My Print-On-Demand Partner


I also manage and pay for my own website hosting and online shopping cart, so I have to factor in my time doing website maintenance, SEO, as well as my business overhead costs and any marketing and advertising costs to promote my products. Not to mention, all the time I spend designing my products!

I add the fees into the listed "sale" price so that WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU PAY! I just think this is a better way to do it. You know exactly what you're paying without any surprises at checkout.... except for the occasional discount, but that's the kind of surprise you want to see!

Why do items in different categories ship separately?

I use a Print on Demand service and this is their doing! While they do print everything "in house", they have different teams and departments that print different items. If you order a tshirt and a mug, they are going to the same printing facility, however, they are being printed and shipped from different departments.

Is there a way to have them ship together?

I wish, but unfortunately no. However, if you order multiple items from the same category (the POD provider's categories, not the ones I have created in my stores), they will be shipped together.

Can I pay you Cash or E-transfer?

Yes and No!


For ORIGINAL PAINTINGS, or other hand made items I have up for sale, yes, but I have some conditions:

1) I must know you personally or through regular Facebook interaction.

2) You are purchasing an original piece of hand made artwork. These are shipped out by ME from my home, and are a much higher price than gift shop items, so the merchant fees are quite high, and I appreciate the direct payment via e-transfer because it can save me upwards of $50 in fees, depending on the sale price. Contact me via Facebook, or on my website contact page.

3) You are ordering from me IN PERSON at an art exhibit, art show, arts & crafts market, etc.

Otherwise, all orders must be processed through my online shopping cart either in my "Gift Shop" or "The Horror Market".

Why don't you have shirt sizes larger than 2XL?

My selling region is set up as primarily "North America", so I can only sell what's available to me as a Canadian Seller.  Since I sell mostly to Canada and the US, I try to only offer colours and shirt sizes that are available to both countries.


The most common sizes are S-M-L-XL-2XL and those are widely available in all printing facilities across Canada and the USA, so I just keep my offerings in that range. I don't have a way to set up my store to show additional sizes in the USA.

Why not offer a different shirt, then?

I've browsed through all options, and yes, there are other shirts I could use, but they are either higher in price (sometimes by $10-$15), don't have the same editing options, placement, etc, or aren't available in both Canada and the USA.

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