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Awaken the Threefold Goddess: The Triquetra Unisex Hoodie


Feel the earth pulse beneath your feet, the wind whisper in your hair, and the fire ignite in your soul. This isn't just a hoodie, it's a portal, woven with the threads of ancient magic. Drape yourself in the embrace of the Triquetra, the sacred symbol of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, and let the power of the threefold Goddess flow through you.

Emblazoned on the chest, the Triquetra, like a moonlit portal, intertwines past, present, and future. It whispers of endless cycles, of birth, death, and rebirth, a constant dance of creation and transformation. Let it be your reminder that you are part of something grander, a thread in the tapestry of the universe.

Woven within the symbol's three loops are the secrets of the earth, the moon, and the stars. Feel the Maiden's youthful energy, the Mother's nurturing wisdom, and the Crone's transformative power hum beneath your skin. Embrace them all, for within you lies the potential for boundless magic.

The design, a knot woven from the threads of ancient lore. Trace it with your fingertips, feel its power thrumming beneath your touch, and know that you are never alone. This sigil is your shield, your ward, protecting you on your journey through the unseen realms.

This is not just a hoodie, it's an embodiment of Wiccan power. Wear it with reverence, with purpose, and let it be your armor against the mundane.


  • 100% cotton face for a moonlit-soft touch

  • 65% ring-spun cotton, 35% polyester for coven-worthy comfort

  • Front pouch pocket to cradle your moonstones and sacred tools

  • Self-fabric patch on the back for a hidden sigil of protection

  • Matching flat drawstrings to bind you to the magic

  • 3-panel hood to cloak you in mystery

  • Embrace the Triquetra, and unleash the Goddess within.


This is just the kind of wicca apparel that blends in with The Horror Market collection of Print on Demand products by Blair Mueller Art. These hoodies feature bold, witchy designs that channel vintage vibes of grimoire-clutching covens and moonlight rituals. They'll cast a spellbinding statement under any full moon.


Grab your piece of horror merch today!

Triquetra: Threefold Goddess - Unisex Hoodie

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