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Unleash the Telekinetic Terror in Your Workout with this Fitness Tee!


Forget the pig's blood, sweat it out in this chilling athletic tee that channels Carrie White's telekinetic fury. It's not just a workout, it's a telekinetic throwdown against high school bullies and repressed rage.


Picture this: You're pumping iron, feeling the burn, but it's not just lactic acid. It's the raw power of Carrie White surging through your veins. Every rep, every lunge, is a telekinetic blast against the whispers and jeers of a bygone prom night.

This Athletic Tee features original Finger Painting artwork by Blair himself, and is just the kind of horror apparel that sits well in The Horror Market collection of Print on Demand products by Blair Mueller Art. This shirt is a truly unique statement piece for those 70s retro horror movie fans.


Here's why this tee is the ultimate telekinetic training gear:

  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex, infused with MaxDri's sweat-wicking magic that leaves you feeling like you could levitate a locker door without breaking a sweat.
  • MicroBlok's anti-microbial shield keeps the locker room funk at bay, so you're free to unleash your inner prom queen without a hint of gymnast's feet.
  • The four-way stretch mesh fabric moves like telekinetic flames, adapting to your every move. Smash squats, hurl virtual buckets of blood (okay, maybe just water bottles), and feel the power course through you. This ain't just a tee, it's a telekinetic suit of armor against the world's cruelties.
  • "They're all gonna laugh at you," reads the chilling text across the back, a reminder of Carrie's torment. But this time, the joke's on them. You'll be the one leaving them speechless, not with buckets of blood, but with your telekinetic-powered workout prowess.


So, are you ready to unleash your inner Carrie and dominate your workout? This tee is the ultimate middle finger to bullies, buckets of blood, and anyone who ever doubted you. Wear it with pride, own your power, and remember: they might laugh at you, but they'll scream when you crush your goals.


Disclaimer: Telekinetic powers not included. But hey, who needs them when you've got this killer tee?

"They're All Gonna Laugh at You" Fitness Tee

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