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The Truth is Out There... and it's Wearing This X-Files Fitness Tee.


Forget chasing aliens in the desert, chase your goals in style with this electrifying athletic tee featuring the iconic duo, Mulder and Scully. It's not just a workout shirt, it's a declaration of faith in the unexplained, a battle cry against the mundane.


This Athletic Tee features original Finger Painting artwork by Blair himself, and is just the kind of horror apparel that sits well in The Horror Market collection of Print on Demand products by Blair Mueller Art. This is a truly unique statement piece for those x-files fans.


Here's why this tee is the ultimate paranormal-pumping apparel:

  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex: This blend screams performance with a touch of extraterrestrial intrigue. Sweat gets abducted faster than Mulder can snap up a conspiracy theory.
  • MaxDri moisture management: Leave the alien goo for Scully's lab. MaxDri wicks away moisture like a Cigarette Smoking Man dodging the truth. Stay cool and collected, even when the elliptical feels like a spaceship's centrifuge.
  • MicroBlok anti-microbial fabric: No post-workout Mulder-esque investigations into funky smells required. MicroBlok keeps the alien odor-agents at bay, letting you focus on crushing your goals without smelling like a Roswell souvenir shop.
  • Comfortable fit: This isn't a hazmat suit from Area 51, it's a second skin for your X-File investigation. Four-way stretch lets you move with the agility of a seasoned agent, ready to uncover the truth behind every burpee and lunge.
  • Soft, breathable sports mesh fabric: Whisper-light comfort meets maximum performance. This fabric feels like a desert breeze in Mulder's hair, keeping you comfortable as you uncover your fitness potential and maybe a few government secrets along the way.


So, are you ready to channel your inner Agent and dominate your workout?


This tee is the ultimate middle finger to the Men in Black, the Syndicate, and anyone who ever doubted your ability to crush a squat like a rogue alien experiment.

And remember... Trust No One.

"The Truth is Out There" Fitness Tee

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