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Acrylic on Canvas
Finger Painting


This finger painting of an owl in a gentle nighttime snowfall is a truly stunning and unique piece of art. The artist has used a variety of vibrant colors and textures to create a painting that is both beautiful and calming.


The owl is the focal point of the painting, and it is depicted sitting on a branch in a snow-covered forest. The owl's feathers are painted in shades of white, blues, and black, with its yellow eyes contrasting sharply against the snow. The artist has used a variety of finger painting techniques to create the different textures in the owl's feathers, from the smooth feathers on its head to the fluffy feathers on its chest.


The forest behind the owl is painted in swirls of blue, with the snow falling softly in the background, accentuated with a subtle dusting of glitter to emulate the glistening of fresh frosty snow.


This painting is full of movement and energy, with the snow falling gently and the owl's feathers billowing in the wind. It is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is sure to be a conversation starter in any home.

Original Finger Painting - Frosty Nights - 24"x30"

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