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Acrylic on Canvas
Brushwork and Fingerpainting

This stunning painting depicts a blue heron in a nest with its babies. The painting is a mixture of brushwork and finger painting, which gives it a unique and expressive texture.


The blue heron is the central focus of the painting. Its majestic stature and elegant plumage are captured in a unique blend of both brushwork and finger painting. The baby herons, nestled at the heron's feet, are symbols of innocence and new life.


The nest itself is a work of art, with its intricate woven construction. It represents a safe haven and a place of nurturing for the baby herons.


The painting's background is simple but effective. The soft blue and pink hues create a sense of peace and tranquility, and inspired the title of the piece. The subtle brushstrokes suggest the movement of the wind and the rustling of leaves in the distance.


Overall, this painting is a beautiful and evocative celebration of family, nature, and new beginnings. It would be a stunning addition to any home or office where a pop of colour is needed.


Original Art - Cotton Candy Skies - 24"x36"

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