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One, Two, Freddy's Coming for.... Your Workout!


Forget counting sheep, count reps in this nightmare-fueled athletic tee featuring the one and only Freddy Krueger! This ain't your average exercise gear, it's a gateway to Elm Street, where your only goal is to outrun the burn (and maybe Freddy's knives!).

This Athletic Tee features original Finger Painting artwork by Blair himself, and is just the kind of horror apparel that sits well in The Horror Market collection of Print on Demand products by Blair Mueller Art. This is a truly unique statement piece for those 80s and 90s retro horror movie fans.


Here's how this tee kicks Freddy's clawed ass:

  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex: This blend screams performance with a hint of Elm Street terror. Sweat will evaporate faster than Freddy can burn his name into your chest.
  • MaxDri moisture management: Say goodbye to Freddy's sweaty nightmare realm. MaxDri wicks away moisture like a dream warrior dodging blood geysers. Stay cool and focused, even when the treadmill feels like an endless boiler room chase.
  • MicroBlok anti-microbial fabric: No post-workout funk here, just the fresh scent of sleep-defying victory. MicroBlok keeps the odor monsters at bay, letting you focus on crushing your goals without smelling like a burnt dream pizza.
  • Comfortable fit: This isn't a boiler suit straight outta Freddy's factory, it's a second skin for your Elm Street escape. Four-way stretch lets you move with the grace of a dream warrior ready to outrun any nightmare (or burpee).
  • Soft, breathable sports mesh fabric: Whisper-light comfort meets maximum performance. This fabric feels like a cool Elm Street breeze against your skin, keeping you comfortable as you outrun nightmares and conquer your goals.


So, are you ready to unleash your inner dream warrior and dominate your workout? This tee is the ultimate middle finger to Freddy, sleep paralysis, and anyone who ever doubted your fitness game.


Wear it with pride, own your power, and remember: Freddy might want to play, but you're rewriting the dream with every push-up and lunge.


Disclaimer: Dream manipulation not included. But hey, You could always grab a metronome and a couple friends and see what happens!


Order now, before Freddy turns your gym into his personal Elm Street playground!

"Freddy's Coming For You" Fitness Tee

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