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Stitched for Strength, Built for Terror: Unleash the Monster Within with This Frankenstein Tee.


Forget pre-workout jitters, get your heart racing with the electrifying visage of Frankenstein's Monster on this fitness tee! Not just a gym shirt, it's a declaration of resilience, a stitched-together manifesto against mediocrity. Get ready to conquer your goals with the power of a cobbled-together champion.


This Athletic Tee features orginal drawing by Blair himself, and is just the kind of horror apparel that sits well in The Horror Market collection of Print on Demand products by Blair Mueller Art. This drawing turned digital design is a truly unique statement piece for those classic horror movie fans.


Here's why this tee will electrify your workout:

  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex: This blend screams performance with a hint of monstrous fury. Sweat will evaporate faster than a lightning bolt striking a windmill.
  • MaxDri moisture management: Say goodbye to laboratory chills, this fabric wicks away moisture like Frankenstein escaping his icy prison. Stay cool and collected, even when the treadmill feels like a cobbled escape route.
  • MicroBlok anti-microbial fabric: No post-workout stench here, just the fresh scent of monstrous victory. MicroBlok keeps the odor monsters at bay, letting you focus on crushing your goals without smelling like a graveyard bouquet.
  • Comfortable fit: This isn't a lab coat straight outta Victor's basement, it's a second skin for your monstrous transformation. Four-way stretch lets you move with the grace of a reanimated corpse, ready to conquer any squat or bicep curl.
  • Soft, breathable sports mesh fabric: Whisper-light comfort meets maximum performance. This fabric feels like a crisp mountain breeze against your skin, keeping you comfortable as you scale your fitness Everest and assemble your perfect physique.


So, are you ready to unleash your inner monster and dominate your workout? This tee is the ultimate middle finger to societal expectations, physical limitations, and anyone who ever doubted your potential.


Wear it with pride, own your power, and remember: Frankenstein may have been stitched together, but you're built to conquer, one push-up and lunge at a time.


Disclaimer: Lightning and electricity not included. But hey, who needs them when you've got this killer tee and the will to electrify your fitness goals?


Order now, before your workout becomes a modern Prometheus experiment!

"Frankenstein's Monster" Fitness Tee

Sales Tax Included
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