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In 1970, the phrase “Houston, we’ve got a problem” was made famous during the Apollo 13 mission as an oxygen tank exploded on the third manned trip to the moon.  Japan became the fourth nation to put a satellite into orbit.  The USSR collected a core sample of the moon on their first automated return.  We landed a spacecraft on, Venus, for the first time.

What does all this have to do with this week’s theme?  Nothing, except that also in 70s, DISCO was born!


Mediums This Week:
Sharpies, Glitter Glue on a 
Vinyl ceiling tile, with vinyl records, CDs, and glue.

All artwork created over each art night will be featured in a public exhibit where everything will all be up for grabs for as little as $4 in an easy, interactive bidding system I've created, making the art accessible to everyone. Even if you only have one $4 bid, you may still go home with a piece of art!

All money raised is going to help Tree Canada reach their 10,000 tree challenge goal. You can read more about that on their website by clicking the image below.

The exhibit will take place in May 2018.





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