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Life on Earth was born under the warm rays of the sun, and is only possible because of the distance of earth from the sun in our solar system. Our planet, and life on earth is so fragile, and we’re just a new born planet in the timeline of the cosmos, and it’s not a toy for us to play with, it’s our home to protect. We need to be the mother to nature for a while, and nurture her back to good health. 


For this challenge, the artists were given canvas or wood panel, and are using acrylics, but they were only given the primary colours to work with.  Some of the supplies used in this episode, and all the coupons, were donated to The Art Nebula Project by our sponsor, the DeSerres store located at Coxwell and Danforth.


Mediums This Week:
Acrylic Paint, Primary Colours Only




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