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What I can do for you!

Creating and selling original artwork is not all I can do!

Below you will find some additional services I now offer.

Alistair - Dog Portrait.jpg

Pet Portraits - Commissions

Looking for a unique and one-of-a-kind gift? Or perhaps you just want something for yourself. Look no further than Blair Mueller Art!


Offering Pet Portraits and Commissions in a unique finger painting style, I can create the perfect portrait of your pet or favourite animal.


I also do Muskoka wildlife, which may fit right in with your home or cottage decor.

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Paint Parties

Treat yourself to an unforgettable and unique experience with a Blair Mueller Art Paint Party.


Step out of your comfort zone, release your inner artist, and unleash your heart in a refreshing new way of painting - without brushes!

With Blair Mueller Art, you'll discover the joy of creating artwork in an exciting and engaging setting.


Custom Merch

I'm always adding new items to my Gift Shop: mugs, cards, pillows, and other home decor, but I can also customize some items for you, like adding text or a name to a mug or specific text to a card.


Or, if there's an item you see that doesn't have the artwork you want, let me know and I'll create it.

I also design a line of horror themed shirts and apparel. for the horror lovers out there (like me).

Pet Portraits & Commissions


1. You choose the animal, size, and preferred colours. For a pet portrait, you would send me 2-3 images you would be happy with as a painting.

2. I'll do up some designs for your approval. (40% deposit required).

3. I create the artwork.

4. You take your art home!

All commissions are done under contract.


$1.30/sq inch.

Plus any additional fees (shipping, delivery, custom framing, etc)

Pet Portrait Service - Main Image.jpg

Paint Parties

Come and get your hands dirty!

Enjoy a refreshing and unique experience of painting without brushes. Come have fun and be free from perfection and embrace your wild side!


Sometimes you need a break from the ordinary. That's why I'm offering a unique paint party experience that will take you out of your comfort zone. Create your own masterpiece at my one-of-a-kind paint parties.

Unleash Your Heart with Blair Mueller Art

Unleash Your Heart - New Graphic - JPG white BG.jpg

Custom Merch & Gift Shop

I'm always creating new items for my gift shop using my artwork, but I don't have every image printed on every item available. I can create new items specifically for you, and even customize it too!

For example:

You browse my shop and don't see a pillow with my butterfly artwork. I can create it.  OR, you want a Raccoon mug with your kid's name on it? Sure! I can do that too.

Any customization done for new or existing items in my shop will incur additional fees. The charges will be determined on the scope of the customization. For example, adding a name to a mug will cost much less than designing a whole new t-shirt with a piece of artwork on it.

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