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Each piece of original FINGER PAINTINGS are currently on sale for a discounted price! 

All are Acrylic on Canvas.  I'm trying to clean up my inventory and sell some of my older pieces. Some of these guys are really anxious to find a new home!  Buy for yourself, or for the horror lover in your family.

Here are the dimensions:

Lying Awake at 3am (Skull) - 30"x30"
Smoking Zombie - 30"x30"
Carrie - 30"x30"
IT (Pennywise) - 30"x40"
The X-Files - 30"x40"
Scream - 30"x40"
Sunset Moth - 30"x30"

Original Horror Themed Finger Paintings

PriceFrom C$270.00
Sales Tax Included
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