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Acrylic on Canvas
Finger Painting


This original finger painting is a charming and playful depiction of two raccoons out in search of a midnight snack. The raccoons are rendered in a whimsical and expressive style, with their playful expressions and mischievous eyes capturing your attention.


The artist has used a variety of finger painting techniques to create a textured and vibrant rendering of the raccoons, and the black and white color scheme gives the painting a timeless and elegant feel.


The painting is set in a moonlit forest, with the raccoons sitting on a tree branch. The artist has used their finger to create a sense of depth and movement in the creatures, and the few stars in the black background provides a magical and atmospheric backdrop.


Overall, this finger painting of two raccoons is a unique and delightful piece that would be a welcome addition to any home. It would also make a thoughtful and unique gift for any animal lover or art enthusiast.

Original Finger Painting - Midnight Snack Time - 16" x 20"

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