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Introducing a new way to enjoy and experience my artwork… FINGER PAINT by Numbers!

Actually, it's not numbers, it's matching up the coloured dots... but you get the idea! These are all done by hand, so colour dot matching is a bit more reasonable.

This could be a great gift for kids and young artists, or anyone who wants to break away from the norm and get a little messy! Get creative! Make it an experience! I encourage you to even add your own creative flaire to these designs... make them your own, if you want.

There are 5 designs available, and each one is hand drawn onto the canvas by me for you!


Each “kit” includes: 

  • Prepared 16” x 20” stretched canvas

  • Photo of the completed design to use for reference

  • List of colours and some suggestions on paint selection (not all acrylic paint is equal) 

  • Finger”TIPS” and Tricks: a short guide on some of my finger painting techniques… some of which I discovered while painting these very designs!


Please note.. kits DO NOT include paint at this time. 

Finger Paint by Numbers - Series 1

Sales Tax Included
  • These are Made to Order, so it may take 3-5 days for me to get them made and shipped out to you.

    If you are local and would prefer to pick up in person as opposed to paying for shipping, please choose the option for PICK UP at checkout, and I will reach out to arrange a time to meet.

    If you prefer to pay with cash or e-trasnfer as well (also preferred by me) we can arrange this in a follow up email before I make your canvases.

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