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"Do you like scary movies?"


Run, don't walk, to snag this chilling Athletic Fitness Tee that's guaranteed to send shivers down spines and raise eyebrow hairs from Woodsboro to Windsor.


This bad boy features the iconic Ghost Face mask from the legendary Scream franchise, printed in all its blood-curdling glory on a super soft, breathable sports mesh fabric. Imagine slicing through the wind, feeling the phantom of Ghost Face whisper that infamous question in your ear with every stride.


This Athletic Tee features original Finger Painting Artwork by Blair, and is just the kind of horror apparel that sits well in The Horror Market collection of Print on Demand products by Blair Mueller Art. This is a truly original shirt for those 90s retro horror movie fans.


Here's the lowdown on the terror:

  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex: A blend that "screams" performance and comfort. You'll be slaying the workout, not your sweat game.
  • MaxDri moisture management: This ain't no amateur hour fabric. MaxDri wicks away sweat faster than Billy Loomis could switch personalities, keeping you cool and collected even when things get intense.
  • MicroBlok anti-microbial fabric: Forget the funky post-workout funk. MicroBlok keeps the odor-causing nasties at bay, so you can focus on feeling fresh, not fearing the stench of decay.
  • Comfortable fit: This isn't a costume, it's a second skin. The four-way stretch moves with you like a practiced stunt double, letting you lunge, squat, and escape imaginary killers with ease.
  • Overlock and coverstitch: No rough edges here, just smooth seams that feel like a whispered threat against your skin. (Okay, maybe not that creepy, but still cool.)


So, cinephiles and fitness fiends, are you ready to channel your inner Sidney Prescott and conquer your workout in style? This Ghost Face tee is the ultimate conversation starter, guaranteed to turn heads (and maybe spark a few panicked calls to Dewey).


Just remember, one wrong turn, one missed step, and you might find yourself the star of the next Woodsboro massacre. Run like hell, and grab this tee before it's gone!


P.S. Don't forget the popcorn for your post-workout Scream marathon. You'll need it.

"Do You Like Scary Movies?" Fitness Tee

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