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Before You Conjure Chaos, Conjure Caffeine! with this 15oz Mug.

Forget bubbling cauldrons and eye of newt lattes. This obsidian mug, your midnight companion, whispers a wicked truth: Coffee First, Hexes Later. Because even the most potent spells need a potent pick-me-up for every witch, making this a perfect addition of horror merch in The Horror Market collection  by Blair Mueller Art.

Picture this: The pre-dawn mist clings to your coven's clearing. You, a mistress of mischief, clutch this glossy black chalice, its surface reflecting the dying embers of your ritual fire. In your hand, a swirling vortex of steam, the lifeblood of every spell. But before you unleash the fury of your incantations, you take a sip. The dark liquid, infused with the whispers of ancient beans, courses through your veins, chasing away the cobwebs of sleep and igniting the inferno of your magic.

Features of this wicked mug:

  • Crafted from the finest ceramic, with a black surface so glossy it reflects your mischievous grin.
  • It holds 15oz of your elixir of empowerment, be it a moonlit brew or a sun-kissed concoction.
  • Beware, though, mortals! This is not a vessel for the faint of heart. Dishwashers and microwaves? Merely toys for the mundane. Hand-wash only, with moonlit spring water or the tears of a vanquished foe, lest your mug crack like a cursed mirror.

So, stir your potions and cackle your curses, but remember: Coffee First, Hexes Later. This mug is your talisman, your witching hour wake-up call. With each invigorating sip, you reclaim the power of the morning, ready to brew a day of delightful mayhem.

Grab your horror mug today, my wicked one, and let the magic flow.

This product is made especially for you as soon as you place an order, which is why it takes us a bit longer to deliver it to you. Making products on demand instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction, so thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions!

Coffee First, Hexes Later! 15oz Mug

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