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Growing up in the heart of Muskoka, I’ve always had a deep passion and love of our natural environment. I feel a real connection to the earth and all life that dwells within… well, except spiders, I’m not a fan, but I can respect them and their purpose. After living in Toronto as an adult for nearly two decades, seeing first hand the complete and utter disconnect between human activity and our one and only planet, I was drawn back to Muskoka to realize my ideal life of settling down surrounded by our natural world, before we, as a species, manage to flatten it all to the ground.


When it comes to art, I’m doing what I do best, defying the norm, and teaching myself my own way. It's this passion for life and nature that inspires my work. I paint without brushes, and instead I like to get my hands dirty, literally, as I create all my work with nothing but my fingers and hands. While I do paint wildlife, a common subject matter among many Muskoka artists, I do so with a unique and modern style I’ve been playing with and developing over the years that is both simple, yet bold and vibrant at the same time.

A little fun fact and source of inspiration:

White starlight, also known as sunlight, is a spectrum of all colours. This is seen when sunlight passes through a prism, slowing and bending the light. The Different wavelengths bend at different angles, separating the different colours, forming a rainbow! The way we observe nature and everything we see is no less fantastic.


When white light shines down from the sun and hits the earth, every material thing on earth will absorb certain wavelengths (colours) of light and reflect the rest back out into space. Those reflected rays of coloured light are how we perceive the colour of an object. A red rose, for example, may seem like it contains the colour red, but it’s actually absorbing every colour except red. Red is the colour of light the flower repels back into space, and so we perceive the flower to be red.


I like to play with this idea in my art by mixing up the colours of nature and making something just as beautiful, using my fingers, with paints that are not really the colours we think they are!

A little something I said once:


“Painting with my fingers instead of brushes is akin to walking barefoot instead of with shoes.”

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