Multidisciplinary: Acrylic, Mixed Media, Sculpture/Mold Making, Lamp Art/Glass Painting, Woodwork, Film/TV Production, Theater, Writing, Prop Making, Makeup SFX


Creator/Owner: Blair Mueller Art, The Art Nebula Project (2017), Bony Fiddle (co-owner, 2006), BonyBFX (2010)


Mini-statement: Blair is doing what he does best, defying the norm, and teaching himself his own way. Blair is self-taught in every new artistic medium he experiments with. Blair is “painting without brushes”, and instead, uses found objects, selective pieces of garbage, and his own hands to paint within his own techniques.

"There’s just something about paint brushes I don’t like." - BMA



2018    Pride Art Pop Up - The Freedom Factory, Toronto ON

2018    Spectrum - Artusiasm, Toronto ON

2018    Artusiasm's Anniversary Celebration - Artusiasm Gallery, Toronto ON

2018    ArtStop: Pero Restaurant - Pero Restaurant, Toronto ON

2017    Altered Reality - The Freedom Factory, Toronto ON

2017    AutumnBlossom2017 - ThatChannel, Toronto ON

2017    SunShine2017 - ThatChannel, Toronto ON

2017    JulyTalk2017 - ThatChannel, Toronto ON

2017    AprilShowers2017 - ThatChannel, Toronto ON

2017    SlingShot2017 - ThatChannel, Toronto ON

2016    ArtStop: ThatChannel - ThatChannel, Toronto ON

2016    AutumnBlossom2016 - ThatChannel, Toronto ON

2016    Anti-Social2016 - ThatChannel, Toronto ON

2016    Emerging Toronto Artist (ETA) Awards - Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto ON

2015    Ongoing Online Exhibit - (membership)
2015    The Art Galleria Expo - Toronto ON



2018    The Art Nebula Project's Charity Exhibit - The Freedom Factory, Toronto ON


2021    "Coyote's Message" - Gravenhurst, ON (private commission)

2018    "Men in the Nude" - Toronto, ON - (private commission)

2016    “Panda Cub in Tree” - North Bay, ON - (private commission)

2015    “Two Blue Owls” - Toronto, ON - (sold by exhibit)


2018    The Art Nebula Project, Season 2 (Pre-Production)

             A new, more inclusive format, open to Toronto/GTA artists for a chance to paint for their spot on the live shows.

2017    The Art Nebula Project, “Experimental Pilot”

             6 Local Toronto artists compete for a solo exhibit. This show encourages emerging artists to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with new mediums, network with other emerging artists, and to raise money for charity (Tree Canada) during a series of live art night challenges.



2015    Nightingales Vol 1 & 2, Undiscovered & Unplugged

            An open stage for indie musicians to showcase their original music.


2014    Double Bill, The Bony Fiddle Theatre Group

            “A Man Of 2 Minds” and “Lost Refuge”




2016   "Shelter", 106,000-word fantasy/coming of age fiction, Amazon Direct Publishing



(links not under my control)

2018    Joel Burkholder, Gay Living Media - Artusiasm Gallery Celebrates Pride with Spectrum Exhibition

2016    Hugh Reilly, Liquid Lunch -  Live Interview

2014    Daniel Rostas, Mooney On Theatre - “Review: A Man of Two Minds/Lost Refuge”,




2006   Digital Film and Television Production, Diploma - Toronto Film School

2018    Viral Academy - Online Content Marketing Course - Jump Cut Academy