Blair Mueller is a Canadian born artist, living in Toronto, whose art has taken him to the stars and back, quite literally, as the fascination of the universe and starlight and how we perceive the world through light has inspired one of his most recent bodies of acrylic finger paintings focusing on the animals of nature, a series that launched Blair into a new artistic galaxy within his own mind.   As does life itself, Blair’s artistic style and inspiration change like the tides in the sea, and right now he’s sailing in a hurricane. From acrylic finger paintings and art without brushes, to decorative glass lamps, to hand sculpted skull and occult home decor cast in gypsum cement, to producing and hosting live art competitions, Blair is doing what he does best, defying the norm, and teaching himself his own way. Blair is self-taught in every new medium he experiments with, in his own way, and usually without brushes. "There’s just something about them I don’t like." - BMA



2016 - Present

Represented by Norman Felix Gallery

Toronto, ON

2014 - Present

Owner/Artist - Blair Mueller Art
Acrylic / Glass / Sculpture / Mixed Media

Oct 2016

ETA (Emerging Toronto Artist) Awards

- Nominated for "Character"


Oct 2017 - Present

Creator/Producer/Host - The Art Nebula Project

Live TV Production

6 artists compete to create art to plant trees.

Apr-May 2015

Creator / Producer - Nightingales Vol 1 & 2

Undiscovered & Unplugged Live Music

Sept 2014

Writer/Director/Producer - Double Bill Feature

Bony Fiddle Theatre Group

A Man Of 2 Minds / Lost Refuge

2006 - Present

Co-Owner/Executive Producer/Props & FX/Writer/Director/I do everything, okay?

Bony Fiddle - Indie Film Promotion & Production