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Thank you so much for your interest!

All commissions are done under contract.

Please have a read through the terms below before submitting the request form.

All commissions, regardless of size, are $1.25/sq inch.

Commissions may included additional fees.


I will be in touch as soon as possible,

and together we can flesh out all the details.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Art Commission Agreement


  • I will be as clear and upfront about the artwork I am interested in so there's no confusion and the artist can decide whether or not to accept my commission request. 

  • I agree to pay a 40% non-refundable deposit before the artist begins designing or creating the artwork.

  • I agree to pay the remaining 60% upon receipt of the completed artwork, and that the artist is not required to relinquish the artwork to me until all payments are received.

  • I grant the artist complete artistic freedom to create a design, and understand that some of my suggestions or image may not make it into the final design.

  • If for any reason I don’t approve the design, or any changes made, the artist has the right to cancel this agreement and not go forward with creating the artwork.

  • I understand that once I approve the design, the painting process begins and no further changes can be made.

  • I understand that while I am now the owner of the completed artwork, I do not hold the copyright, licensing rights, or reproduction rights to the artwork. I am not permitted to reproduce, distribute, or sell images of the artwork for monetary gains. The artwork is for personal use and display only.

  • I understand that the artist retains full copyright and licensing of the artwork, and has the right to use the image on their website and on social media, as well as any marketing or promotional purposes, regardless of the following:

    The artist may reproduce the image at their discretion for any purpose they see fit, unless otherwise stated.  As the client, I have the right to disallow or grant the artist this privilege. I will make this request when reviewing and signing the commission agreement.


  • will outline all fees to the client prior to beginning any work, and provide a bill of sale either digitally or a physical copy. This includes the non-refundable deposit, final artwork cost, delivery fees, custom framing (if requested), and any additional fees, should there be any.

  • I am willing to negotiate pricing (circumstantial) and create a payment plan with the client (ex. more than one payment spread out over a set period of time until all fees are paid).

    Method of payment is optional. Cash and e-transfers are preferred. Credit card or debit payments will incur an additional processing fee.

  • Upon receipt of the deposit, I will begin the design process and provide a digital mock up of the proposed artwork for approval by the client. If any changes are requested at this time, I will work with the client to create an acceptable design.

  • If for any reason an agreement on the design cannot be made by the client, I am not required to refund the deposit or proceed with any artwork.

  • I will do my best to have artwork completed by a verbally agreed upon date based on my availability and circumstances. I will keep the client in the loop as the designing and painting processes are underway.

  • I am not required to deliver any completed artwork, however, I am open to discussing delivery arrangements if needed. This can be discussed after the artwork is completed, but might incur an additional fee if it was not included in the original quote.

  • Sometimes life throws hurdles at us. I retain the right to change the conditions of this agreement at any time. If I'm mid-commission, and need to change this agreement, I will do my best to stick with the terms agreed upon by the current client prior to the changes.

By submitting this form, I agree to the above "Art Commission Agreement"
and wish to be contacted by Blair Mueller Art to discuss my proposed commission. I will sign a physical copy of this agreement in person.

Thank you! I will be in touch ASAP to get the ball rolling!

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