• I will outline all fees to the buyer and document them on the “Bill of Sale”.

  • Upon receipt of the deposit, I will create and provide a digital mock up of the proposed artwork for approval by the buyer. If changes are requested at this time, I will work with the buyer to create an acceptable design the buyer is satisfied with.

  • If for any reason an agreement on the design cannot be made by the buyer, I am not required to refund the deposit or proceed with any artwork.

  • I will do my best to have artwork completed by a verbally agreed upon date based on availability and circumstances. 

  • Delivery arrangements (and any associated fees) will be discussed, or the artwork can be picked up at a location of my choosing at no additional cost.


  • I agree to pay a 40% non-refundable deposit before the artist begins designing or creating the artwork.

  • I agree to pay the remaining 60% upon receipt of the completed artwork.

  • I understand that the artist is not required to relinquish the artwork to me until all payments are received.

  • If I don’t approve the design, or any changes made, the artist has the right to cancel the agreement and not go forward with the artwork.

  • I understand that once approved, the painting process begins. No further changes can be made.

  • If I’m unhappy with the final artwork and don’t pay the remaining owing, the artist retains ownership of the artwork, and the right to sell the to another buyer, should one come along.

Art Commission Agreement